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June 29, 2020

VIDEO: Improve your cold calls by following this structure.

Kyle Vamvouris
CEO, Vouris

You aren’t the only SDR calling your prospects. To set yourself apart you need to be able to relate.

You must understand their world.

Structure of the Cold Call

Every cold call is different, which is why it is so important that you adapt to every scenario. Still, there is a basic structure that most calls follow.  

  • The Introduction
  • The Path
  • Find The Gap
  • Close The Gap
  • The Ask

The Introduction

The first make or break moment in any cold call is the introduction.  

If you fail to capture the attention of the decision maker during the introduction, you will lose the opportunity to explain how your product or service is a business solution for their company.

The Path

The objective of this part of the call is to give the prospect some context about how you help and let them give you a direction to take the call in.

You do this by giving them two or three things you help with and asking which is a main focus for them.

Finding the Gap

You must discover where the prospect is and where they want to be, their ideal state (in the context of their main focus).

The gap between these two realities is where your solution can help. Your solution must help them get from where they are to where they want to be

Close the Gap

Once you have identified this gap you must illustrate to the prospect how your solution gets them to their ideal state.  

This is called closing the gap.

The Ask

Ask with confidence  

Keep it simple

Just ask, don’t elaborate

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