Analyze Your Sales Data 👇

  • Measure. Collect your sales data and know exactly what your metrics are and the impact they each have on your revenue.
  • Analyze. Define 2-3 metrics are the ones that are holding your team back the most.
  • ​Impact. Model out the impact of achievable improvements to those metrics and watch your revenue skyrocket.
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How We Help

Repeatable Sales Process

Want us to help you plan, build, and train your team in one focused sprint?

We can guide you through every step of the process so that you end up with a sales org that's reliable, data-focused, and ready to scale.
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Training & Coaching

Does your team need consistent development?

Our multi-level training environment includes DIY courses, daily expert-led workshops, and direct feedback on calls, emails, and messages.
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Traditional recruiters send a boatload of resumes and hope that one sticks.

Instead, we'll send you a few candidates who we've pre-vetted and interviewed, so you can build a stable team that's ready to grow with you.
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Monograph: 3X Revenue.

While working with Vouris, Monograph built its first sales team, 3X'd revenue, and raised two rounds of capital. Founder/CEO Robert Yuen was able to transition from driving sales to running his company.

Review Wave: 150% Sales Team Growth.

COVID forced Review Wave to shift their sales strategy. In 4 months, Vouris helped grow the inside sales team and get sales back on track with 200% yearly growth goals.

Storewise: New Sales Records.

Storewise CEO Chris Greco needed some outside help to provide structured coaching and build a culture of data-focused accountability. After working with Vouris, Storewise recorded their best sales quarter ever - and 80% of those sales came from the inside sales team.

About Vouris

Hi, I’m Kyle Vamvouris.

I started Vouris because I’m passionate about solving one of the fundamental problems startups run into: broken sales.

Too many young companies achieve early success….and then crumble once they try to scale.

That’s where we can come in and help.

We’re a team of industry experts - think of us like your go-to revenue team. We’ve got deep experience in sales, strategy, operations, and messaging.

I’m here to tell you that while your situation is unique - it’s likely based on a familiar bottleneck: the lack of a repeatable sales process.

We can help you build a sales system that’s ready to scale, then add great hires to make it a reality.

Think of us as your go-to revenue team…and security blanket. We stay on top of your sales team’s performance so that you can go back to being a great founder/CEO.

Kyle Vamvouris

Kyle Vamvouris