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May 31, 2022

Here’s a scenario that’s surprisingly common:

→ A startup establishes some traction with a solid product.

→ The founder is good at sales and seems to close easily.

→ They want to scale, so they hire a bunch of salespeople.

…but, the new sales team massively underperforms compared to the founder’s track record.

So, why does this happen?

It all comes down in how quickly and effectively you can train the new team and get them to really understand the product and how it relates to specific buyers.

It’s pretty easy to throw a book at someone and ask them to memorize a bunch of features. In fact, that’s what many teams do.

But, product knowledge alone will not translate into sales.

Instead, you’ve got to give your team a crash course in your market, your target customers, and what the product means for different buyers.

The funny thing is, many founders have never really written this out anywhere - it’s all stored in their brains. They find it hard to explain because it’s sort of like second nature to them.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to move this understanding from a founder’s brain into a digestible, learnable resource for new hires.

This is the framework we use:

We use this with all of our clients - it’s a powerful way to draw the most important information out of one person’s head and present it in a useful way to new sales hires.

If you want to grab a printable copy for yourself, click the link below:


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