How to write a great job description for SDRs (steal this template)

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May 31, 2022

Ready to hire the perfect SDR for your sales team?

Luckily for you, we’re in a hot job market right now.

That means an endless amount of companies are hiring salespeople. Lots of people are breaking into tech sales and getting their first jobs as SDRs/BDRs.

All this action makes it relatively easy to fill empty roles at your company, with endless opportunities to build a team you really believe in.

But you’re not looking for just anyone to fill up space in your team, are you? We know you aren’t. That’s why we’re here to help.

It’s crucial that you’re able to attract the right talent, then choose the right person for your team.

We spend an incredible amount of time and energy on finding great candidates and matching them with the right companies, and a great job description is essential.

Here’s the template we use for our SDR job descriptions:

                                 Get the template here (just hit File → Make a Copy)

If you’d like to make your own from scratch, here are the elements to think about:

#1: Keep it short!

Most candidates are sifting through dozens, if not hundreds, of job postings. The longer you make your listing, the less likely people are to understand it, like it, and want to apply.

Tip: Get straight the point and talk about the job first (not your company’s history). Try and make the whole description no longer than one Google Doc page.

​#2: Make your qualifications clear

List the qualifications you’re actually looking for, not “filler” points that clutter up so many resumes.

Tip: Use bullets and only list the qualifications you actually care about and you expect the candidate to really use.

#3: Be clear about the responsibilities of the role.

Describe, in detail, what you expect the person to do on a daily basis. Try and give the candidate a clear idea what their job will actually look like every day.

Tip: Use examples and avoid company buzzwords. The clearer the picture, the more likely you are to attract a high quality applicant.

#4: Include pay and benefits.

This one’s a little controversial, but we definitely don’t think it should be. Job seekers want to know what they can expect to get paid (and what benefit’s they’ll receive).

Realistically, because of the competitive job market, this could be the difference between someone skipping your listing vs applying for the job.

Tip: If you’re not willing to define a specific salary, at least include a pay range and benefits.

Nailing the job description right away is the key to finding and hiring the right SDR for your team. Use our template with your specifications for the role and build the sales team of your dreams - it’s as simple as that.

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