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We're passionate about helping early-stage startups build the foundational sales process that propels them through every stage of growth.
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The learning center for early-stage startup companies who want to grow with confidence.

What's the difference between the 75% of VC backed startups that fail and a fast-growing startup that blows out every revenue target? It's not luck or timing (though that helps) - it's a well-planned sales strategy that you can implement and execute every day to hit your revenue targets every quarter.

Meet Kyle - 5 years of building and scaling sales teams.

I’m passionate about helping early-stage startups build the infrastructure required to win. After 7 years in sales and 5 years building and scaling top-performing teams, I’ve become something of a sales effectiveness mentor.

But I didn’t start out as an expert. I fell into sales when a company took a chance on a guy who dropped out of college to become a standup comedian (yup, that's a true story). I thought the lack of a degree would hold me back, but learning to be successful as a salesperson was the launchpad for my entire career. Looking back, I’m thankful for the experience and want to share what I learned to help others.

After helping dozens of companies my advice is... different.

No two companies are exactly the same and I've seen my fair share of "copy and pasted" sales strategy. That is why I focus on the fundamentals of building a scalable sales process that's backed by data. I know what it feels like to be unsure about how to drive sales. I've been there. I come from the trenches. I've built high performing teams. I can help you do the same.

Meet Leo - 10 years in enterprise operations.

I'm passionate about helping early-stage startups bring clarity to their process. After over 10 years working with enterprise organizations on operations and HR, I've become an expert in identifying process gaps and filling them before it causes problems.

But it took years before I was an expert. I started my journey in the US Army, where I learned the importance of aconsistent process. After the military, I worked at a Fortune 500 company where I worked globally to streamline onboarding. This experience helped me throughout my career, especially as I worked in operations for an early-stage company.

I merge large company systems with startup company flexibility.

Large companies found what works, scaled, and repeated that process until they created the well-oiled machine we see today. Startup companies don't have the luxury of a validated sales process and if they do, it's often unknown if that process will scale. I've worked with large enterprises and small scrappy startups. I know how to implement scalable systems with the flexibility early-stage startups require.

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Super Helpful Advice

"Kyle's advice is integral to my ongoing success. It is also helpful for onboarding and ramping new hires"

Dan W.

Entertaining & Educational

I learned so much! Kyle covers all areas of prospecting and he makes it entertaining and fun!

Mehrad Y.

The Passion Shows

Kyle is genuinely passionate about helping people succeed and progress professionally, and as I quickly learned he has worked extremely hard to become a person who truly understands sales and sales processes on multiple levels.

Joe P.

Unique & Informative

Kyle has a unique way of helping SDRs understand the 'why' behind the techniques he gives. He knows the SDR world better than anyone else I know!

Melissa P.