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May 31, 2022

The importance of goal setting cannot be overstated, in my opinion. Staying focused on becoming a better person every day is a worthwhile endeavor, one that everyone should engage in. Goal setting is also something that most people reserve for the beginning of every year. I do applaud the effort, setting goals once a year is great! That being said, I believe that constant check-ins with yourself throughout the year yields the best results. I organize one of these check-in every quarter with two close friends of mine, I call it the Quarterly Goal Setting Day (a very creative title I know). We work together to set goals every quarter, and hold each other accountable to what we say we are going to do. I feel fortunate to have people in my life who are as focused on personal development as I am, it's a passion we share. I believe there are more people out there who are passionate about personal development, so I decided to write this article with the best goal setting exercise we have done and some more information on the structure of Quarterly Goal Setting Day so that you can run one yourself!

Quarterly Goal Setting Day Outline

One of the aspects of the Quarterly Goal Setting Day that I feel is important is getting out of the area you live. My friends and I make an effort to get out of our town for a full day when we meet. The reason is simple, I believe when you are in an area you are comfortable in your mind restricts your thinking because its familiar with the territory. I do not want "familiar" goals, I want to push myself, I hope you do to. I strongly recommend that you plan a day trip somewhere 45 minutes to two hours away. Once you make it to the location follow the outline below.

  1. Q1 review
  2. Q1 timeline exercise
  3. What worked
  4. What didn't work
  5. Big news
  6. Decision help
  7. Q2 goals
  8. Mindset priming
  9. Your Q2 theme
  10. Goals for the quarter
  11. Help needed

Q1 timeline exercise

Here it is! This is the most powerful goal setting exercise I have ever done, and it has way more impact than you might think at first. Before setting goals for the next quarter, or even reviewing the previous quarter, take some time and write out what happened last quarter. Write down all the experiences you had and everything you accomplished. Write down the areas where you struggled and obstacles you had to overcome. Time goes by so fast and this exercise does a great job of slowing you down and illustrating how much has happened in just one quarter.

What worked and what didn't work

Write down and share some examples of things that worked well over the previous quarter and some things that didn't.

Big news and decision help

Discuss any big news with your friends that are participating in the Quarterly Goal Setting Day with you. Be excited for each other and be supportive. Also, if anyone has a big decision they need help making take some time to discuss and give input. Navigating life can be challenging and third party perspective from people who want the best for you is invaluable.

Mindset priming

I believe it's important to get in your best possible mindset when setting goals. Take the time to read something inspiring or watch a video that motivates you. Anything to get yourself in a mindset to set strong goals that excited you.

Your Q2 theme

Sometimes it can be challenging to focus on a lot of things at once. Because of this I like to choose a "theme" for the quarter; one primary goal that you are most dedicated to.

Goals for the quarter and help needed

Here is where you and your friends take some time to write down your goals for the quarter. Once finished, take some time to share, and request the help you need to be successful.

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