How Review Wave Scaled Their Sales Team 150% in 4 Months (Case Study)

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May 31, 2022

Matt Prados, CEO of Review Wave, a Patient Engagement Software for doctors across North America, shares how Vouris helped fill the funnel and scale their SDR function in 2020 and 2021 by replacing lost pipeline that trade shows could no longer fill.

Challenge: Trade shows disappeared in 2020, so Review Wave had to pivot to hit their 2x growth goals. 

Solution: Vouris developed an outbound prospecting & calling routine for Review Wave. Vouris built a coaching program that fit with the Review Wave culture. Vouris conducted live coaching for the Review Wave team.

Result: Review Wave has grown from 8 to 20 SDRs this year. The Vouris hiring and training methodology got the Review Wave team back on track to 2x their growth without trade shows.


Scaling Review Wave’s Sales Team 150% in 4 months

At Vouris we build and coach sales teams. 

When Review Wave needed to change their sales strategy in the face of COVID-19, they called us in to help. 

We sat down with Matt Prados, their CEO, to ask him what it's been like working with Vouris.

Review Wave Background

Review Wave is a SaaS business that uses software to help doctors and specialist providers collect reviews from patients, easily get them to book their next appointment, and send automated text messages reminding them about their checkups.

Their mission is to help doctors improve their patient experience, which in turn helps millions of patients receive better care.

Since they started, Review Wave has grown 200% every year for the past 5 years and has been in the Inc. 500 fastest-growing companies in 2020 and 2021. 

Review Wave’s growth stalled when COVID-19 hit

Until 2020, one of Review Wave’s major sources of revenue was live in-person selling at trade shows. When COVID-19 shut down in-person trade shows, Review Wave had to completely change its market strategy.

They decided to pivot to outbound calling and wanted to set up a call center. 

Though Matt had a background in sales, he didn’t have any experience hiring and growing a sales team. 

As Matt began looking for solutions, he came across Kyle Vamvouris’ Cold to Committed - and then made it required reading for all of his SDRs. 

Matt then reached out to Vouris to grow and train Review Wave’s sales team.

How did Vouris help?

In 4 months of working together, Review Wave was able to grow their SDR team, adjust to new market conditions, and hit the original sales targets.

This included:

  • Live reviews and critiques of sales calls.
  • Help writing outbound sales call scripts.
  • Help growing the SDR team from 8 to 20.
  • Training and an onboarding plan for new SDRs.
  • Tools to track their SDRs’ performance and sales.
  • Weekly coaching calls with Kyle and the Vouris team.
  • Systems and strategies to track and improve SDR results.

ROI from working with Vouris

Review Wave now has the strategies, systems and processes to continue to scale their SDR team.

“We were able to completely replace the revenue we lost with the help Vouris gave us AND continue our 200% yearly growth strategy."
  • Matt Prados, CEO Review Wave

They now have a high performance SDR team engaged in outbound calling. As trade shows begin opening up again, Review Wave can resume selling through live marketing events across the country while continuing their calls. 

This has allowed Review Wave to double down on its growth strategy.

More from Matt Prados: 

Q1) What was it like working with the Vouris team?

A) Kyle has been a great expert to have on hand, backed by a great team.

Leo has been instrumental in designing spreadsheets and tracking tools in Excel and Hubspot to allow Review Wave to effectively track sales data and find areas to improve.

The whole team was brilliant throughout the process from jumping on calls to responding to problems, and we’re excited to see them grow. 

Q2) What advice would you give to a founder looking for a sales training partner?

A) The big test for any company you are going to partner with to grow your business is:

  • Are they ethical?
  • Can you trust them?

The Vouris team delivered scalable strategies that worked, without resorting to questionable tactics. 

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