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April 29, 2022

Use the SDR Team Growth blueprint our CEO, Kyle Vamvouris, used to grow revenue 600%. In this cheat sheet you’ll learn:

  • The Top 3 Qualities an SDR needs to have
  • How to keep your best SDR’s incentivised to grow the business
  • The 5 Essential Sales Development Tools every company needs
  • And so much more...

Building A Superstar Sdr Team - Vouris - B2B Sales Consulting

Step #1 – Craft Your Sales Strategy

Choose between a “lead based” and an “account based” growth strategy:

Lead based is about speed and building prospect lists. Good for large markets of small accounts.
Account based is about precision and targeting specific customers. Good for small markets of large accounts

Step 2: Hire SDRs Who’ll Go the Extra Mile

How can you make sure you hire the right people?

Look out for the top 3 qualities we have seen from helping with the hiring of 50+ different SDR Startup Teams:

Good Work Ethic: Pride in their work and some past successes.
Natural Curiosity: Overcoming objections means digging into what will get the prospect to say “yes”.
Unique Personality: Find unique perspectives that give creative and ultimately successful results.

Different strategies demand different personality types:

Different Strategies Demand Different Personality Types - Vouris - B2B Sales Consulting

3 tips on sourcing great SDRS:

1. Post on the Vouris Startup Sales Job Board
2. Headhunt good sales people from other companies (preferably when SDR’s have been there for a year or more)
3. Ask your best SDR’s for referrals

Step 3: Develop an SDR Onboarding & Training Plan

Good structure and training creates repeatable results. Use a great plan to make sure every SDR starts and trains the same.

Example Training Plan

Example Training Plan - Vouris - B2B Sales Consulting

Step 4: – Incentivize Performance with an SDR Compensation Plan

A good compensation plan will 1) Motivate your team, and 2) Encourage them to stick with the company

An SDR’s total projected compensation is made up of:

  1. Basic Compensation: This is their annual salary 
  2. Variable Compensation: Sales Commissions and related performance pay

A basic rule of thumb to follow for how to split the ratio between basic and variable is:

Basic Compensation should be 60-70% of Total Pay and never less than 50%

How should you set variable compensation?

First, decide what action you want to incentivise. Do you want to reward them based on:

  • Meetings Booked
  • Pipelines Created
  • Sales Accepted Opportunities (SAO)
  • Revenue Generated

At Vouris, we recommend 70% of an SDR’s Variable Compensation be tied to SAOs. 

This is where an account executive confirms the prospect is qualified and has a good chance of closing. 

We also tie 20% of variable commission to meetings booked.

Second, determine the payout for each KPI.

Determine The Payout For Each Kpi. - Vouris - B2B Sales Consulting

Finally, add accelerators. Which means as your top SDRs hit more targets they get an increased payout.

Keep your best SDRs incentivised to hit higher KPI’s with increased levels of rewards.

‍Step 5: – Build an Effective Sales Development Process

Every Sales Development Process can be broken down into 3 stages:

Identity: WHO will they target? This could cover industry, location, company size, annual revenue and job titles.
Engage: HOW will you target them? This covers channels, messages, frequency and time between contacts.
Qualify: WHAT to ask prospects to see if they will buy? Lead qualification could rely on: budget, authority, pain points, business goals, motivation, scarcity and their priorities.

Step 6: Maximize Productivity with 5 Essential Sales Development Tools

1. Data Providers: Here are 4 providers you can use to find potential prospect’s contact information:  ZoomInfo, Infotelligent,, LinkedIn Sales Navigator
2. Central Record’s Management (CRM): Find a central database where you can keep track of all your data and prospects. We recommend HubSpot
3. Sequencing Tool: A software system to manage all your rep’s activities, telling them who they need to reach out to on a given day. We recommend Lemlist, Salesloft or Outreach.
4. Agent Assisted Dialer: Get a team of trained human agents to dial for you, then when they get a prospect on the line they transfer them to your SDR. We recommend Koncert.
5. Lead to Account Matching: For Account Based strategies we recommend LeanData to keep your account-based sales organized and efficient

Step 7: Focus on the SDR Metrics That Matter & Helping Them Get There

There are 6 key metrics that really matter.


1. Calls and Outcomes
2. Emails and Outcomes
3. Meetings Scheduled


1. Future Meetings
2. Sales Accepted Opportunities
3. Revenue


My time building an SDR team at an early stage startup company was the biggest learning experience I have had to date. I have now advised several other startup companies on how to run their b2b sales teams with great success. The core of my advice comes from the experience of actually doing it. It is not based on theory. It's based on the fundamentals of team building while applying best practices for SDR teams.

It's not easy, but anyone is capable of building a world-class SDR team. Apply some of the learnings I shared above mixed with your own experiences and I truly believe you will have great success.

P.S. If you want help scaling your SDR team through the roof, schedule a chat.

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