Why Early-Stage Startups Need a B2B Sales Consultant

When your startup is in its early stages, there are a bunch of moving parts to figure out — processes, procedures, and hiring among them. You might not even realize when a decision or mistake has ramifications that can slow future growth.

This ripple effect is really apparent in sales, where implementing a new strategy for your startup can come with many unknowns. Will your process work? Will it bring in the kind of clients you need? Will it provide a good ROI on your team’s time and efforts? If you get started with the wrong approach, it can come at the cost of lost time and profits down the line.

A B2B sales consultant can help you skip this uncertain period and go right to the development of processes and procedures that actively support and drive your company’s growth — now and in the future.

Why Should You Invest in B2B Sales Consulting?

It’s not surprising that many startups fail. With this many variables in play, it’s just a fact of doing business. Over 20% of startups fail in the first year, and only 50% make it past five.

As the recent founder of a startup, chances are that you’re working with a brand new and often early-career team. Not only have your SDRs not had a lot of time to ‘gel’ with each other, they’re still learning the ins and outs of working in sales. Without devoting the necessary time and experience to your sales process — crucial for building growth and keeping your company alive long-term — you might begin to fall behind.

To become a startup success story with a strong sales team, you need:

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A clear process or procedure for generating leads (and converting them into customers)
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Defined roles and career advancement paths
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The expertise and mentorship of a senior sales expert
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Strategies to continuously improve productivity and efficiency

Bringing on a B2B sales consultant is the most effective way for any early-stage startup to build a strong sales team and playbook.

The Vouris B2B Sales Consulting Process

It’s important that your chosen B2B sales consultant takes the time to understand your company and develop custom plans — not try to quickly apply a cut-and-paste “strategy” and move on.

At Vouris, we’ve developed a data-driven approach that creates scalable strategies for sales success. That means as your company grows, your sales processes will too. You won’t find yourself reliant on a system and tech stack that stagnates after a few successful quarters.

How Vouris B2B Sales Consulting Works:

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First, we take a close look at your current sales function. This includes a prospecting activity analysis, a pipeline analysis, and a sales trends analysis.
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Next, we’ll take this data and compare it to numbers we’ve seen at other companies. (This is one of the great benefits of working with a B2B sales consultant — we’ve been in sales for a while, and have plenty of data and experiences to run comparisons on!)
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Finally, we use these results as the starting point for your tailored sales strategy and processes.

What to Expect when Working with Vouris

Every client is different, so we treat them as such! Our data-centered process is unique and customizable — not the same sales “strategies” you see repeatedly online and in books.

Some strategists stop at hiring and messaging — only two parts of a much larger effectiveness framework. Vouris goes deeper and helps your company develop strengths in five areas that every effective sales team needs:

1. Leadership

Having a clear and defined approach to leadership is essential for long-term sales success. It’s more than just day-to-day management, too — making sure your sales team feels inspired is key. We take a broad look at your team’s individual motivations and set a series of goals and rewards to efficiently and effectively level up performance.
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2. Messaging

Your sales communications need to catch customers’ eyes, but that doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel. We’ve tried and tested countless strategies, and have settled on some seriously high-converting methods. When you work with Vouris as your B2B sales consultant, you’ll have access to our whole playbook of strategies and advice. (Get a taste of our style with these winning sales email templates!)
3. People

We’ve built sales teams from the ground up multiple times, and can tell you not only what to look for in a salesperson, but when to hire. And because growing a successful sales team doesn’t stop after orientation, we’ll show you how to build a top-tier sales training program that keeps your new hires committed to the company and motivated to advance.
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4. Technology

Successful sales teams need a variety of tools for analytics, customer engagement, email marketing, and attribution among others. 3 We’ll show you, step by step, how to leverage tools and technologies that are right for your business — not try to shoehorn you into an existing system that doesn’t fit. Attempting to force a “solution” to meet your needs when it’s too robust (or not robust enough) isn’t actually a solution; it’s a speed bump.
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5. Process

A clear and data-focused approach to your sales process is the glue that holds everything together. You’ve got the team, you’ve got the tools — this is how it all works in tandem. From gathering metrics to building your pipeline and creating a complete sales action plan, we can show you exactly where your company needs to focus its attention.
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Why Trust Vouris as Your B2B Sales Consultant?

We each came into the startup sales world from other career paths — and wound up being great at it. Seriously, we’re talking “drive an SDR team’s revenue growth by 600%” kind of success.

The reason we can do this isn’t luck, but data and experience. Growing an SDR team’s revenue by 600% requires strategies for building the right team, training plan, compensation structure, and tech stack.

When you work with Vouris, you benefit from our combined 12 years spent working on and with sales teams — plus 10 years in enterprise operations. This means we know what it’s like to be building and selling, and understand what kinds of tools early-stage startups need to help them scale rapidly.

How to Hire a B2B Sales Expert

Choosing the right consultant is important — their work will have a long-lasting impact on your business and performance.

First, make sure your potential consultant has quantifiable experience in B2B sales. Business-to-consumer markets are a different ballgame, and the strategies that help B2C companies might not translate into success for your B2B startup.

Next, evaluate the data. Salespeople can be great storytellers, but numbers don’t lie. Make sure you like the picture they are painting and are clear on how they incorporate hard data into strategy and process development. Data, not emotions, should drive the decisions you’re about to make.

We know that beginning to work with a new consultant is a big decision for your startup. Because of this, we’re inviting you to take the first steps with us for free by booking a 30-minute consultation where we’ll:

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Analyze your sales data.
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Highlight three key insights to help your business.
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Let you know exactly where to focus your effort first for the most improvement.

You’ll leave the call with real, actionable information and a better sense of what it’s like to work with Vouris as a B2B sales consultant.

Ready to take Vouris for a spin and find out how you can start improving growth right away?