How Storewise Achieved Their Best Sales Quarter In Company History (Case Study)

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Kyle Vamvouris
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May 31, 2022

Helping Storewise to their best sales quarter in company history

Leading a fast-growing startup can be stressful.

When Chris Greco took over as CEO of Storewise he called on us to help train, organise and improve his existing sales team.

We sat down with him to talk about what it's been like working with us.

Storewise Background

Storewise builds software for independent grocers to automate manual tasks and processes and price products accurately which helps them increase their gross profits by 1%.

They work with single stores, multi-stores and regional powerhouses like Consentinos Price Chopper, Freshfoods, Reeds and Brother’s Market

Storewise exists to help independent grocers rise against competitors by creating software that automates manual tasks and reduces errors; protecting profits, guaranteed.

Storewise needed external advisers to help grow the business

When you’re the CEO of a fast-growing company it can be challenging to manage a sales team while trying to meet the expectations of your clients, stakeholders and a family.

When Chris took over as the CEO of Storewise he spent time with his sales team to know what problems they were coming up against.

He realised that he needed outside help to provide leadership and direction as well as establish the tracking metrics to help him understand how the team was performing.

What were the challenges that Storewise was facing when they connected with Vouris?

Up until that point, Chris had been using a CRM system to track sales with his team, but that wasn’t enough. Without a Head of Sales, he wanted a coach that would sit with the team every week and help them improve in a structured way.

A coach could understand the “heartbeat” of their sales process, and help the team to improve their sales performance.

How did Chris know that bringing in outside help like Vouris was what the team needed?

He spent enough time sitting with the sales team to know that they needed outside help, but didn’t want to hire someone full time, as Storewise was still growing and proving it’s business model.

In Chris’ experience start ups have a core of employees but then also set up an advisory team which sits outside the business.

Vouris was incredibly useful as one of Storewise’s advisors by identifying problems within the business and helping to align their performance with Chris’ vision of where he wanted the business to get to.

How did Vouris help?

We provided:

  • Sales team coaching.
  • Executive sales advisory.
  • Tools to track their SDRs’ performance and sales.
  • Weekly coaching calls with Kyle and the Vouris team.
  • Systems and strategies to track and improve SDR results.

Vouris helped to quickly establish the metrics that Chris needed to know the weekly performance of his sales team, so he knew what needed to be changed and what activities actually led to sales.

This helped the sales team become more performance based, and allowed Chris to know the week over week performance of each member of the team. Allowing him to forecast sales for the next year.

Vouris provided Storewise with three key things:

  1. Structure
  2. Discipline
  3. Accountability

Vouris made sure that the team had clear targets to hit and the systems and processes in place to measure their activity and figure out what actually led to sales and what didn’t.

By figuring out “the Math” and then giving the sales team a framework to follow, Vouris helped Storewise create a systematic sales process that could be repeated and scaled.

Weekly coaching calls kept the Storewise sales team accountable and constantly growing and learning as they refined their process and improved their performance.

Through regular calls, both Chris and the Vouris team helped the sales team get that “extra 30% out of the tank” when they felt like they were exhausted and had nothing left.

ROI from working with Vouris

Vouris helped Storewise to not only build their sales engine but also help to make it run and improve over time.

As a result in Q2, Storewise recorded their best ever sales quarter in company history.

80% of those sales came from the inside sales team which received regular coaching and direction from Vouris.

More from Chris Greco:

Q1. As the CEO how do you manage the amount of stress week on week?

I like to think I deal with hardship and adversity pretty well. I wrote a book on it in 2020.

It’s all about whether you have a fixed or a growth mindset. With a growth mindset, you believe that the situation you are in now doesn’t define your future state.

So, if you don’t get sales, you’re over budget or an opportunity falls through you maintain a positive mindset of “for every problem, there is a solution.”

Exercise helps as well.

I pray almost every day. As there are a lot of things that are much bigger than you and that brings a certain level of humility to myself and the business.

The start-up life is a lifestyle and isn’t just working Monday to Friday, but at some point, you will get past it and things won’t be as hard.

I know for our employee’s when times get tough they used our 3 core values to fall back on and remind them of why they are here:

  • Love the Independents.
  • Embrace the Struggle.
  • Win Togethers.

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