Prospecting Hack: How to Cold Call or Text Without Their Cell Number

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Kyle Vamvouris
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May 31, 2022

Are your prospects away from their work phone?

We have an answer to that.

In fact, at Vouris we have been testing this for over a month with GREAT success.

Want to know what it is?

FaceTime Audio and iMessage

If you know someone's email you can type it into your FaceTime or iMessage app and it will go right to their laptop and/or cellphone!

Here are our stats.

Messages sent - 342

Reply rate - 39%

Meetings booked - 15

How to iMessage or FaceTime Audio Call.

Here is a simple step by step guide

  1. Type the prospect's email into iMessage or FaceTime.
  2. If it turns blue that means you have their Apple ID email (If not try their personal email, see directions below).
  3. Send them a message or cold call them!

How to find personal emails.

Finding personal emails is easier than you think! Here is a way I like to do it using Boolean search.

Here is what I type into google, edit it for your own needs.

"ceo" ""

How to Use iMessage and FaceTime.

If you are going to use iMessage as part of your prospecting strategy its important that you know how to use it.

I use iMessage in two ways.

  1. Cold iMessage when all other methods fail.
  2. As a follow up to a positive interaction.

I only suggest cold iMessaging prospects when every other method fails because some prospects don't like it. If every other method of contact has failed you have nothing to lose.

When I have a positive interaction with a prospect I like to follow up with an iMessage so they have a direct line to me and to establish an iMessage relationship. I have never had a negative response.

For FaceTime audio, just treat it like a direct dial cold call!

Make sure to message me any success you have!

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