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May 5, 2022

Here are the 4 templates we use to run meetings for sales teams:

Click Here

All 4 templates are in this doc, just click around the tabs at the bottom.


Startup folks like us usually love talking about simplicity, repeatability, and systemization.

We try and bake them into everything we put out into the world, from the product to sales, marketing, and servicing.

…but there’s one area that can get neglected (and messy):

→ Your internal communication.

Here’s the framework we use to make sure that our weekly meetings are efficient AND effective.

Meeting Framework - Vouris - B2B Sales Consulting

You can grab all 4 templates by clicking here.

Here’s are the 9 elements that make up a productive 1:1 meeting:

#1) Shared accountability.

Why this matters: This allows both parties to share what they've accomplished and incentivizes productivity.

#2) Last week's goals.

Why this matters: This starts the discussion on whether the goals were achieved and how well they were executed, creating a feedback loop.

#3) The rep's KPIs.

Why this matters: This allows you to determine how well your marketing campaigns are performing.

#4) Leading indicators of success/trouble.

Why this matters: This helps identify weak areas that need improvement or strong areas that deserve praise.

#5) Specific help.

Why this matters: This allows the manager and rep to solve new problems and tackle specific issues together.

#6) The rep's concerns.

Why this matters: This makes the meeting a 2-way conversation and allows the rep to get any issue off their chest.

#7) Focused coaching.

Why this matters: This is a great chance for the manager to help the rep make a specific improvement to their performance. These add up quickly!

#8) Direct feedback.

Why this matters: This tells them exactly what they need to focus on, what to avoid, and where to double down.

#9) Clear goals for next week.

Why this matters: This ends the meeting on a proactive note and gives the rep a clear short term focus.

This meeting structure works at every stage of an organization’s development and at every level of management.  

You’re welcome to swipe this template - it’s got versions for SDRs, AEs, SDR managers, and AE managers.

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