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Dan McDermott

Dan's strengths include:

  • Strategic Messaging: Known for crafting compelling copy and messaging that accentuates a business's unique competitive edge.
  • Sales Expertise: Demonstrated history of generating significant sales through email campaigns.
  • Training and Development: Experienced in elevating content, grant writing, and fundraising teams through targeted training programs.

Previous work experience:

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Key Accomplishments:

  • Sales Generation: Spearheaded campaigns that generated over $10 million in email sales in a single year.
  • Consultancy Impact: Provided consultation to over 500 clients, including projects with Disney, Marvel, and Ben&Jerry's.
  • Educational Influence: Trained teams at venture-backed startups and NGOs, enhancing their content creation and fundraising capabilities.

Dan McDermott, our Chief Marketing Officer, is a seasoned copywriter and strategist who has helped over 500 businesses carve out a competitive edge. With a career spanning nearly 20 years, Dan has fine-tuned the art of developing compelling messaging that accentuates a business's strengths, setting it apart from competitors.

Dan's career trajectory is one characterized by collaborations with an impressive roster of organizations, from small local startups to F500 companies. His mastery in leveraging messaging has resulted in several 7 and 8-figure email campaigns, successful product launches, and over $50M in funds raised.

At Vouris, Dan's role also includes support for client teams as they develop their sales messaging in the form of emails, LinkedIn, and key website pages. He has run weekly copywriting workshops for the last 4 years, and is adept as an editor and copy coach. His hands-on approach in creating messaging assets, optimization frameworks, and communication best practices underlines his commitment to fostering the growth of budding businesses.