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Michael Fedynyshyn

Michael's strengths include a wide range of talents connected to the development of a high-performance sales organization at critical moments in a company's growth. He's known for his tenacity and a direct, constructive communication style.

  • Sales Operations Mastery: Exceptional at crafting sales strategies and operational efficiencies to accelerate revenue growth.
  • Global Team Leadership: Adept at managing and coaching high-performing, international sales teams.
  • Innovative Problem-Solving: Utilizes data analytics and business process analysis to drive sales process improvements.
  • Strategic Sales Planning: Skilled in designing incentive plans and managing sales automation for optimal performance.

Previous work experience:

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Key Accomplishments:

  • Growth Achievement: Consistently overachieved in new business bookings (2015: 160%, 2016: 111%, 2017: 140%).
  • Strategic Leadership: Successfully expanded a company's account universe by 33% in four months and led 9 cross-team initiatives to completion ahead of schedule.
  • Operational Excellence: As VP at First Data Corporation, co-led a Salesforce.com deployment that scaled usage from 600 to 4,000 users, doubling revenue accountability and reallocating thousands of selling hours back to the team.

Michael Fedynyshyn, our Chief Customer Officer, is a rock-solid pillar of support for startups and high-growth companies. With an impressive track record spanning over 20 years in sales strategy, operations, and enablement, Michael is a master operator and strategist, who knows how to maneuver businesses through periods of volatility and exhilarating growth.

A true embodiment of leadership, Michael navigates the delicate balance between providing guidance to top management teams while also catering to the needs and aspirations of sales reps. His ability to foster meaningful relationships across all levels of an organization is integral to our success and forms the foundation of his people-centric leadership style.

Michael's professional journey is packed with notable achievements, each a testament to his dedication and commitment to sales excellence. From leading North American Sales Strategy for Zoom through the pandemic, to clinching the OpsStars Award for the Most Scalable Lead Management Program and obtaining certificates in Strategy and Business Analytics at Harvard Business School, Michael's accolades read like a Who's Who of the sales industry. As an instructor for a leading technology incubator, Michael continues to influence the next generation of sales professionals, imparting his knowledge and insights to those eager to learn.

When the sales charts are set aside, Michael's competitive streak finds an outlet in poker. His family, including his wife and two daughters, along with his cherished pets, creates a harmonious balance in his life, providing both relaxation and a sense of companionship. The blend of his professional achievements and personal interests paints a vibrant picture of a multi-faceted individual who is an indispensable asset to our team.