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Dylan Hecht

  • Strategic Team Building and Talent Development: Proven ability to recruit and train high-performing sales teams, achieving exceptional results in quota attainment and career progression for team members.
  • Data-Driven Sales Strategy Expertise: Skilled in leveraging data analytics to develop and implement effective Go-to-Market strategies, market mapping, and KPIs, leading to significant increases in client revenue and pipeline generation.
  • Leadership in Athlete Transition Programs: Passionate about guiding student athletes towards successful careers, combining his experience as a professional athlete with business acumen to mentor and support athletes in navigating the workforce.

Previous work experience:

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Key Accomplishments:

  • Recruitment and Training Expertise: Instrumental in hiring and training Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and Account Executives (AEs), leading to an average quota attainment of over 100% and a 25% promotion rate in the first year.
  • Strategic Sales Development: Proficient in implementing Go-to-Market Strategies, market mapping, and KPI building, using data to enhance revenue generation and sales strategies.
  • Student Athlete Program Leadership: Passionate about partnering with collegiate athletic programs to aid athletes in succeeding in the workforce and life.

Dylan Hecht blends his passion for sports with a keen understanding of people and sales strategy. At Vouris, Dylan plays a crucial role in shaping and scaling outbound sales teams with a proven approach to recruiting the right talent for the right teams. He knows how to build long term relationships with sales leaders and salespeople, and sets both sides up for success.