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Kyle Vamvouris

Kyle is a talented leader who blends data-first problem solving with clear strategic thinking and a natural inclination to coach reps and executives through difficult periods. A few of the strengths he's known for:

  • Sales Team Transformation: Specializes in turning underperforming sales teams into high-performing units.
  • Keynote Speaking: Kyle is a sought-after speaker at tech conferences and other live events around North America.
  • Process Optimization: Skilled in developing effective sales processes and messaging to drive success.
  • Strategic Hiring and Onboarding: Adept at identifying and nurturing sales talent, from hiring to onboarding and beyond.

Previous work experience:

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Key Accomplishments:

  • Client Success: Clients under Kyle’s guidance have seen dramatic turnarounds, major increases in sales, and long-term success.
  • Thought Leadership: Kyle is a 3-time author, Amazon best seller, and LinkedIn Top Sales Voice.
  • Sales Excellence: Kyle has set new sales records at many different companies as a salesperson, sales leader, and as a consultant with Vouris.

Kyle Vamvouris, our CEO, spearheads Vouris with remarkable drive and charisma, firmly establishing us as an industry leader in sales training consultancy. Recognized as an authority in B2B tech sales, Kyle brings a nuanced understanding of the SaaS and Service landscapes, truly comprehending the complexities and nuances of constructing and nurturing high-performing inside sales teams.

A career highlighted by unwavering dedication to sales performance and team development, Kyle's commitment to the profession has been instrumental in shaping our organization's growth trajectory. More than just a figurehead, he is an active participant in the trenches, focusing on multiple areas such as leadership coaching, process and messaging development, hiring & onboarding, as well as SDR training & development programs. His impact extends far beyond our team, with his strategies and tools pivotal in turning around sales paths and propelling success for numerous companies.

Kyle's credentials are a testament to his expertise. The best-selling author of two books on B2B sales, he shares insightful reflections on the industry's intricacies and offers tried-and-tested strategies based on years of experience. His progressive approach to sales, highlighted by a revenue generation of over $100 million, makes him a formidable industry figure. A frequently invited guest speaker at major tech conferences across North America, Kyle's thought leadership is admired and sought after.

However, Kyle's persona extends beyond being a sales stalwart. He's a devoted father of two young children, cherishing the joys and challenges of parenthood. His love for photography allows him to capture and treasure life's fleeting moments. An outdoor enthusiast, he stays active with hiking trips that offer respite from his demanding schedule. Strategy games also hold a special place in his downtime, allowing him to maintain his decision-making skills sharp and engaged even off-duty.