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"I am driven by a passion for translating big picture visions into strategic execution and the satisfaction of witnessing the puzzle pieces come together to achieve ambitious goals."

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Ashlund Dunaway

As a seasoned professional with 12 years of Go-to-Market (GTM) experience, Ashlund is a trusted ally to anyone seeking to revolutionize their sales organization. She's accumulated a wealth of expertise while working with disruptors in multiple sectors, including retail, boutique fitness, commercial real estate, and fintech.

Her strengths are in...

• Talent assessment - She guides clients in finding the right individuals to build successful teams.

• Macro and micro strategic execution - Ashlund aligns executive visions with sales team support and ensures an exceptional customer journey from initial contact through to post-sale support.

• Vision to execution - Ashlund excels at translating ambiguous visions into concrete realities. Her adeptness at clarifying objectives, mapping strategic plans, and executing them effectively enables her to transform abstract concepts into tangible results.

Previous work experience:

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Key Accomplishments:

• Oversaw the growth of a business from $6 million in 2018 to $17.7 million in 2019, simultaneously reducing operational costs while maintaining superior customer experience scores (directly responsible for a $52.5mil/yr P&L).

• Conceived and launched a new service product, successfully generating over $85,000 in sales during its first quarter.

• Led marketing and strategic partnership initiative that resulted in the acquisition of 2,500 new customers from a mix of startups and Fortune 500 companies within six months.

• Developed and spearheaded a leadership development program for managers and executives that increased successful internal promotions and improved the quality of feedback received by individual contributors.

• Directly responsible for a 600% increase in revenue from Q1 2023 to Q2 2023 for a B2B Platform company.

As the Senior Director of Customer Development, Ashlund Dunaway navigates the intricate world of market expansion and customer experiences with a finesse born out of 11+ years of experience. Her role is instrumental in leading agile teams that transform complex information into easy-to-understand learning experiences, directly influencing bottom-line business results.

Throughout her career, Ashlund has provided customer-centric brands with scalable solutions during various business cycles, be it periods of hyper-growth, stabilization, or contraction. This experience is invaluable in her current role at Vouris, where she is committed to helping growing companies flourish by implementing a repeatable sales process.

Beyond her professional role, Ashlund is a seasoned traveler, drawing on her experiences in various cultures and environments to fuel her love for learning. She extends an open invitation to others in the learning & development space to engage in collaborative exchanges, highlighting her commitment to knowledge sharing and community building.