“One of the best feelings is when your sales team blows out their revenue goals.”

All startups are focused on hitting aggressive growth targets, and sometimes do it by offering crazy deals or with Herculean effort.

This is the most common way startup companies are growing. 

Some months are good while others are… not so good.

This leads to emotional decision making.

Resulting in constant changes to the “strategy.”

Which leads to more inconsistency…

It’s a vicious cycle.

Now that is what startup growth should look like!

Consistently hitting targets and building on that momentum to scale. 

Less emotion-blinded decision-making and more data-driven sales effectiveness.

If you want to achieve consistency in your sales, you need a system.

The 5 Components of Sales Effectiveness

We’ve developed a powerful framework that allows early-stage startup companies to build stronger sales teams and hit their revenue targets. 

We call it the 5 Components of Sales Effectiveness. 

After having a great product, the success of any sales organization has five key components.

  • People - Have the right people, onboard them well, and enable them to be wildly successful.
  • Process - Have a sales process that consistently generates the expected revenue
  • Message - Your team is delivering a relevant and powerful message to every prospect they speak with.
  • Technology - Have a well-integrated tech stack that puts activity at the highest priority.
  • Leadership - Have passionate leadership that sets clear expectations and maintains a culture of success.

Identify the components where you are deficient and have the largest impact on your sales effectiveness.

Once you know where to focus your efforts, you can begin the process of improving it.
We teach a very simple three-step process for doing this.

Action Plan

Accomplish goals with a structured action plan

  • Establish measurable goals.
  • Develop a plan to achieve those goals.
  • We hold your manager accountable/

SDR Leadership

Inspire the team by rallying around initiatives.

  • Provide leadership guidance based on experience.
  • Help develop clear communication skills.
  • Give your manager the confidence they need to lead.

Pipeline Management

Develop a data driven manager

  • Metrics & Reporting best practices.
  • How to accurately forecast.
  • Teach your manager how to identify pipeline Risks before they become reality.


Build a world class team by hiring the right people.

  • Screening candidates.
  • Interview coaching
  • How to develop onboarding programs.

Step 1

Rank the 5 components based on where you feel your company stands.

Step 2

Estimate the impact of improving each of the areas.

Step 3

Select the two components that improving would have the greatest impact and choose the one that you have the knowledge and resources to improve quickest.

Need help identifying exactly where to focus?

Let me tell you exactly what to focus on to dramatically improve your results.

Here is what I will do.
1. Analyze your sales data
2. Provide three insights from that data.
3. Tell you exactly where to put your focus to improve results.

In a 30 minute call, I will take you through a discovery process to identify exactly where you should focus your effort to get your SDR/sales organization on the right track.

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