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Cold to Committed by Kyle Vamvouris

by Kyle Vamvouris

Most SDRs are great at talking with people, but have a hard time hitting aggressive quotas.

Here's a great approach to having prospects agree to meeting without having to beg and plead.

First, only speak with prospects who have interest, will listen to you, and want to learn more.

So - If you're like most people you're probably thinking "Ok, great... but HOW DO YOU DO THAT?"

I asked myself the same questions when I started as an SDR in 2014.

I ran a little experiment and within 3 months I could convince the majority of prospects I spoke with to take a meeting.

I outline exactly how I did it in my book, but I'll give you the 30,000 foot view here.

Step 1: Identify your "easy win" prospect.

An "easy win" is a prospect that your solution will get results for quickly.

The reason why you want to know this "prospect Avatar" is because these are the prospects that are typically easier to book a meeting with.

Step 2: Focus ONLY on booking meetings with those types of prospects.

If you are having to "dig" for a reason for a prospect to book a meeting it's because they aren't a good fit today.

If you optimize your pitch for the prospects that your solution is designed for, your value will resonate and they will book a meeting quickly.

How? Simply. follow...

Step 3: Tell them their problem is solved.

"huh?" you might ask.

Tell your prospect their problem and how your solution has been solving this problem for others.

The "trick" is to tell them the solution exists immediately.

This essentially "perks their ears up" and causes them to listen to you.

(The fact that you have read this far is a pretty good sign that it works, isn't it?)

Step 4: Use the summary close.

This is a simple closing technique that summarizes their problem, your solution, and ties your solution to their ideal outcome.

If you tie your solution to their ideal outcome it's typically a pretty easy appointment to schedule.

I've created a framework with some simple scripting to following and you can get it in my book.


If you found this helpful, check out my book.

It's all about booking sales meetings fast... Even if you suck at cold calling.

If you found this post useful, it's just the tip of the iceberg.

The book lays out EXACTLY what to do (and say) in great detail and you can get it here.

Here's what you'll learn

  • what leads you should target to maximize your efforts pg. 12
  • how to reduce the frequency of getting hung up on immediately pg. 35
  • the best method I have found of booking a sales meeting pg. 49
  • how to use stories to grab and keep your prospect’s attention pg. 67
  • overcome any objection pg. 81
  • how to get past the gatekeeper pg. 95
  • the list goes on...

This book is 145 pages and packed with valuable content on every single page.

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The Bible of Inbound (or any phone-based) Sales Strategy!!!
Loved this book! Quick and to-the-point. I’ve found it to be an essential reference for my every day meeting bookings and sales calls. This book would be a useful reference for any inbound sales representative, SDR Manager, or any person that conducts sales over the phone. Great techniques for overcoming Brushoffs, Objections, genuinely learning more about your prospect’s Pain Points, Gaining Trust, Pathing the prospect to a potential Solution, Booking the Meeting, and ultimately Closing the Sale.
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Another great book from Kyle
After reading Kyle's books and starting my first SDR role. I immediately hit the ground running with his tricks, tips and sales blueprints. I practiced his teachings in my everyday life and then applied it to my job, navigating around gatekeepers, challenging prospects and planning out my days to be as productive as possible. Rather than spending HOURS reading the basic sales textbooks, he lays out the sales foundation in layman's terms, keeps it lighthearted and relatable to whichever type of product/service you're selling.