Consistently do outbound sales by building professional brands.

At Vouris we help innovative startups build their company brand through our professional branding strategy.

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We help our clients build meaningful relationships with prospects at scale.

Gone are the days of posting as a company and attracting the attention of your prospects.

What we've found with out clients is that by building the personal brands of your employees, you can bolster your corporate brand. This works because of one simple fact...

People buy from people.

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We have a simple, 3-step process

Action Plan

Accomplish goals with a structured action plan

  • Establish measurable goals.
  • Develop a plan to achieve those goals.
  • We hold your manager accountable/

SDR Leadership

Inspire the team by rallying around initiatives.

  • Provide leadership guidance based on experience.
  • Help develop clear communication skills.
  • Give your manager the confidence they need to lead.

Pipeline Management

Develop a data driven manager

  • Metrics & Reporting best practices.
  • How to accurately forecast.
  • Teach your manager how to identify pipeline Risks before they become reality.


Build a world class team by hiring the right people.

  • Screening candidates.
  • Interview coaching
  • How to develop onboarding programs.

Step 1

Create a brand strategy around your industry.

  • Identify topics to cover
  • Determine the target audience
  • Review The Content Your Company Is Already Producing

Step 2

Develop a content strategy

  • Create a content plan for each professional brand
  • Establish metrics for success
  • Solidify brand voice

Step 3

Teach your team how to produce industry specific content.

  • Hand write posts 5 days a week
  • Report engagement
  • Deliver decision maker engagement for sales follow up.

Having a personal branding strategy drives sales.

"Our team started working with Vouris to streamline and improve our top of the funnel process/operations. We knew that volume was important and Kyle took a data-driven approach mixed with industry best practices. The most impactful part of working with the team at Vouris was understanding and aligning metrics to people & process management."

Rasheed Hammouda, CEO CoFounder, Bridge FT.

“Vouris helped us build a comprehensive outbound strategy. They went above and beyond to teach and provide everything we needed to be successful. We especially enjoy their high touch communication and professionalism. We would highly recommend the Vouris team to any company that is looking for a solution to building an outbound sales process.”

Alex Fontaine, CoFounder, Adverio

"Kyle is one of the best leaders I have been around. Period. He has a rare ability to strategize and execute upon what matters most to the company, yet also do the same for his reps. Personally, he is one of the hardest-working, consistent, and determined people I know and more importantly, he’s able to bring others around him to be the best versions of themselves as well."

David Helton, Finance & Operations, Agathos

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Enable your team to generate more pipeline to grow revenue.

"There is not a situation that Vouris hasn't seen, which makes their guidance incredibly valuable."

Rasheed Hammouda
Co-Founder & CEW, Bridge FT
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