Hire top talent without spending time on recruitment.

Hiring is one of those areas that should be easy, but can quickly turn into a slippery slope of wasted time and energy. We’re here to help you de-risk, choose the right people, and build a team that’s ready to scale.

How It Works

Vouris’s recruiting services are here to help you find the perfect candidate without having to evaluate dozens of applicants. 

The difference is in our process. 

We do not send over a stack of resumes and hope that they stick.

Instead, you'll receive a few pre-vetted, highly-qualified candidates at a time.

Step 1


We’ll get to know your business, process, and company culture. 

This helps us identify the right candidate, specific to your business and culture.

Step 2


We’ll reach out to our network of candidates to find people who would be a great fit for your role.

Step 3


With 98% disqualification rate, we rigorously evaluate every candidate before you interview them.

82% of candidates we qualify receive an offer within 2 weeks.

Step 4


Part of building a great sales team is making sure that everyone is set up for success.

That starts with the right onboarding, training, and early monitoring - all of which, we can help you set up.

Unlike other recruiters that sends me list of candidate on every day basis, Vouris only sends me two to four a week – Their candidates were so great, we’ve extended offers many of them.
Hersh S., Chief of Staff 
Athelas - $1.5B Unicorn
We worked with Vouris when we started hiring for a VP Sales role. With very specific requirements, this role has been open for quite some time, even with a 600k package. Vouris team followed our requirements with utmost precision. They conducted rounds of interviews to help filter out the misfits. In the end, we moved forward 1 of the only 3 candidates they sent over.
Austin W., COO
Edtech Series D Startup

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean these candidates are “pre-vetted”?

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It means that we’ve personally spoken to each person we send to our clients, we like their backgrounds, and we believe they have what it takes to succeed in the roles.

How long will it take to get candidates?

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Typically, it takes up to a week to schedule your first candidate interview.

What if we don’t like anyone you send over?

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We’ll keep working to send you people you’re 100% excited about hiring.