Develop your SDRs to fill the sales pipeline predictably.

At Vouris, we help B2B Sales and Business Development teams schedule more sales meetings in less time with consistent training and coaching.

Two Live Training Sessions A Week

Weekly Skills Workshop

Unlimited Coaching

Instructor-Led Training Sessions Twice A Week

In the first session, your team learns a new technique.
The second session reinforces that technique by practicing.
Finally, your team uses the technique in the real world.
Here are a few examples…


  • Overcoming Brushoffs
  • Constructing personalized emails
  • LinkedIn prospecting


  • Rapid brushoff game
  • Email workshop
  • LinkedIn workshop


  • Send in call recording
  • Send in email responses
  • Send in replies

The Weekly Workshop

Your team gets 1:1 support on anything they are struggling with. Is there a prospecting challenge they are struggling with? We workshop it.

Are they struggling with customizing an email to a specific prospect? We workshop it.

Did a cold call go poorly and they need help on how to improve? We workshop it.

And anything else they can think of.

Unlimited Coaching

Your team has questions daily. So we commit to having answers daily.
Prospecting Advice
LinkedIn Critiques
We Provide Feedback And Answers To Any Question At Any Time.
Cold Email Critique
Cold Call Critiques
Anything Else They Can Think Of!
Here are a few examples…

What makes our training so different?

Well, unlike bootcamps, we provide consistent training weekly.
Unlike sales trainers, we specialize in Sales and Business Development.
And unlike traditional training programs, your team gets unlimited coaching.

What To Do Next.

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