Scripts, Templates, and Guides to help you Land Your Dream SDR Job - Even When There is a Lot of Competition.

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I've interviewed hundreds of SDR candidates and some have stood out, those are the ones I hired.

Right now a lot of great SDRs are looking for work and are asking how to stand out from the crowd.

That is why I put this bundle together.

A done-for-you template to track your job search effort.

List of interview questions that show you are not like every other candidate.

A secret script to get a raise before they even hire you.

Super Helpful Advice

"Kyle's advice is integral to my ongoing success. It is also helpful for onboarding and ramping new hires"

Dan W.

Entertaining & Educational

I learned so much! Kyle covers all areas of prospecting and he makes it entertaining and fun!

Mehrad Y.

The Passion Shows

Kyle is genuinely passionate about helping people succeed and progress professionally, and as I quickly learned he has worked extremely hard to become a person who truly understands sales and sales processes on multiple levels.

Joe P.

Unique & Informative

Kyle has a unique way of helping SDRs understand the 'why' behind the techniques he gives. He knows the SDR world better than anyone else I know!

Melissa P.