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September 15, 2021

Its October 2016 and I step off the plane with my girlfriend (now wife), We... made... it. After 24 hours of traveling we arrived at our destination, Bangkok Thailand. As you could imagine we were ecstatic! It was both of our first time in Asia and we were ready to explore! This was truly an amazing trip. First thing we did after unpacking was call an Uber, below is a picture of the actual automobile that picked us up...

Thailand Uber.JPG

As the kids say, “DOPE.”

After a burnout in the parking lot and a short race through the city we got dropped off at a riverboat, take a look at this great picture I took!

River Boat Thailand.JPG

We spent a few days in Bangkok and made our way to Phuket to explore the famous caverns. At this point you might be wondering "Kyle, what kind of clickbait is this? I thought you were going to teach me how to sell like Crazy Australian?!" First thing you must know, my methods are mysterious. Second, I need to introduce you to Crazy Australian.

You see, I met Crazy Australian on a boat that was heading to these amazing caverns located all around little islands off the coast of Phuket. I want to clarify, I do not call this man Crazy Australian because I believe all Australian men are wild (however, there is a strong case to be made... just kidding... kinda). I call him Crazy Australian for a very specific reason. Everyone on the boat knew this man for 3 key characteristics.

  1. He was the loudest person on the planet earth
  2. His entire body was red from sunburn but refused to wear a shirt
  3. He would pick up strangers, yell "its Crazy Australian!!" and throw them overboard.

THAT is why I call him Crazy Australian. He would throw passengers and employees into the water and jump in after them screaming his name. As you could imagine this caused quite the reaction from the passengers and employees on the boat. But maybe not the reaction you would expect...


It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. The employees working on the boat who didn't speak a word of English were cracking up. Passengers who got on this boat just hoping to make it to the caverns and see some sights were laughing and wrestling with Crazy Australian in the waters of the Andaman Sea. He brought an energy to the trip that no one was expecting and that energy was welcomed with open arms. Not only did he entertain everyone on the boat, he also accomplished something even more special...


This is what we as salespeople must do, we must become unforgettable. In an environment where buyers are bombarded with marketing content, sales messaging, and 30 minute "discovery" meetings its more important than ever to be unforgettable.

How to be unforgettable

We remember the people who had an Impact on us. The greater the impact, the more memorable the person. Impact is the key to being unforgettable, so how do we make an impact? To make a positive impact on someone you have to provide tremendous value. There are multiple vehicles for providing value.

One way is to give great advice that has incredible impact on the recipient. This is one of the main reasons why mentors are so memorable. Another way to provide value is to create an experience, like a vacation or special event. Think about your first baseball game or your first time out of the country, who did you go with?

Finally, there is a third way, the way the Crazy Australian provided value. Can you guess? He provided value with personality. We remember people who stand out, those larger than life figures. Crazy Australian was such a large personality that no one on our boat will forget him.

To be unforgettable you must provide value beyond what is expected.

I know that there is no way that I will ever run into Crazy Australian again. That being said, if I did run into him again, I would thank him for teaching me the value of being memorable, while simultaneously being thrown face first into the nearest body of water.

As always, have a wonderful day filled with success and self-improvement!

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