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November 28, 2020

Create Effective Prospecting Videos (Free Mini Course)

Kyle Vamvouris
CEO, Vouris

Introduction to Video prospecting (Module 1)

There are two common opinions when it comes to using video for prospecting.

There are people who don’t like video because it’s not scalable and others who love video and send them all of the time.

I fall exactly in the middle, here's why.

Including a personalized video does increase response rates but is NOT a silver bullet. The time needed to record a personalized video for every prospect can change the math a bit.

In fact, oftentimes the increase in response rate does not justify the time it takes to create the video.

Because of this, I send videos to prospects that are ahigh priority. The goal of the video is to get a response so I send it near the end of a sequence.

Who should you be sending videos to?

Companies that look like they would be a great fit! Do not send a video to every lead you have, unless you don't have very many.

If you have unusually high response rates, use it earlier. 

Send a video early if you can automate it. 

NOTE: My opinion has changed because recently I have seen success in sending automated video sales letters (more on that in module 6).

How to capture the attention of the viewer (Module 2)

What can you do to stand out?

Energy and enthusiasm are your biggest levers to pull to improve the performance of your video.

TIP 1: Stand up when you record your video. Have a stance of authority and power.

TIP 2: Change your vocal tone to prevent boring videos that your prospect won't watch.

How to frame your prospecting videos

A common mistake I see is with Framing. Here are some tips to improve your framing and prevent looking strange on video.

Tip 1: Make sure the camera is at 90 degrees, not at an angle.

Tip 2: Look directly at the camera.

Tip 3: Make sure your aren't cut off.

Tip 4: Have the appropriate amount of headspace. A good rule of thumb is to keep your eyes 2/3rds up the frame.

How lighting impacts your prospecting videos (Module 4)

Lighting is really important for videos and it isn't that hard to get it right!

Tip 1: Make sure you don't have harsh lighting on one side or poor lighting in general.

Tip 2: Get a ring light if you don't have a good lighting source where you record.

How to improve the audio quality of your prospecting videos (Module 5)

Audio quality is important, but it isn't all about the microphone you use.

Tip 1: Watch out for background noise

Tip 2: Make sure there is not an echo.

Tip 3: speak clearly!

Two sales prospecting video scripts and templates (Module 6)

Personalized Video

Hi [name]!

My name is [your name] and I made this video for you because [reason why your outreach is relevant].

I’m seeing most [prospects title or job function] are struggling with [challenge experienced by your prospects].

We’ve helped companies like [customer names] solve this and I was curious if this is something you experience.

If not, just reply to the email and let me know. 

If this is something you struggle with, are you open to taking a look?

Thanks in advance, [name]!

Talk soon!

The Video Sales Letter

Have you ever [something that they are struggling with or worried about that is directly related to the problem that you solve].

If you have, you’re not alone. Most [industry/department] are in the same boat.

Well, what if I told you that there is one thing you can do to [desired result].

Let me tell you about [customer or “we”] who no longer [the problem you solve] and have [results they have achieved since implementing your solution].

It wasn’t always that way…

[customer or “we”] was struggling deeply with [problem]. They knew that [problem] was holding them back from [desired result].

They tried [common subpar solution] and it did [result] but [why it didn’t work in the long run].

They even tried [common subpar solution] and it did [result] but [why it didn’t work in the long run].

Then, they discovered that [the solution to their problem, NOT the name of your solution] is what was holding them back from [desired result].

[benefit] started happening and they [result].

Then [benefit] started happening and they [result].

Of course [result] isn’t 100% because of what we do at [company name]. They have a great product, team, and execution. 

However, they do give us a lot of credit for helping them [result].

If [problem] is something that you have been struggling with, let’s hop on a quick Zoom and I will walk you through exactly how we can help you [result].

Just reply to my email with some times that would work for you. Or, if it would be more convenient, click the calendar link.

I look forward to a conversation with you.

If you would like to read another article on using video in your prospecting. Here is an article I wrote for SaaSales!

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